Release Notes - October 2020 - BidJS

It’s not quite Halloween yet but we do have some shockingly good news for you... it's release time! Far from a witches’ brew, we bring you some bug fixes and improvements that we hope will bring a smile from ear to ear, just like the grin of a pumpkin carving (although hopefully less creepy). 

Without further ado, here’s what’s coming soon! 


As usual we have made many security updates along with a couple of fairly significant improvements. 

Firstly, though, a question for you…

Who wants 8 times faster image uploads?!


For BidJS this month, the long wait is over... And by that I mean the long wait when uploading images! We are very proud to say that we have improved the speed that images upload into the system by up to 8 times. (Please note that the improvement you see will depend on various factors specific to your location, computer capabilities, connection speed, etc.) 

Alongside this, we also received feedback from a few people that it would be an improvement to see a call to action for registered bidders from the auctions home page (e.g.!/) once they are approved to bid on the auction. We listened, and now we have delivered! Users will now see the button on the auction home page view change from “Register to Bid”, to “Awaiting Approval” and finally to “View Auction” once approved. Users can now click the View Auction button, once approved, and get straight through to the auction. The text on these buttons can be changed so if you would prefer it to say something else, just let us know on

Current BidJS Versions:

Current BidJS & Modules Major Version: 3  (no change since last release) 
Current BidJS & Modules Minor Version: 3.0  (no change since last release) 
Supported BidJS Minor Versions: 3.0, 2.3, 2.2  (no change since last release) 
Supported BidJS Modules Minor Versions: 3.0, 1.7, 1.6  (no change since last release) 

That’s it for this release - we look forward to putting it in your hands. Stay safe and well until next time and enjoy the spooky season!

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