• Find the auction the items are part of 
  • Click the pertinent Reconcile button - found in the Actions column

  • You will be asked if you wish to send an auto-response to winning bidders. We recommend that you do not send auto-responses but instead contact your winners individually or once the invoices are ready. 

Suspended Items Cannot be Reconciled

  • You cannot reconcile items that are SUSPENDED (this automatically occurs when an item is 'passed' in the Webcast Ring)
  • You must therefore change the status of any SUSPENDED items to WITHDRAWN before Reconciliation can be successful
  • Perhaps the quickest way to Withdraw multiple SUSPENDED items is by first going to the Items screen
  • Next Filtering to SUSPENDED items first (see image below)


  • Select (tick box) the necessary Items and set to Withdrawn by clicking Withdraw > Confirm


  • You can now Reconcile the auction and all items