You may receive the following errors in various forms, depending on your call method/software: 


Notes and Possible Resolutions


This occurs when, for example, a value that is expected to be numerical is put in as letters. A key culprit is using the letter version of your ClientID rather than the numerical version. Contact if you are not sure what your numerical ClientID is 

`401 Unauthorized` response: {"failed":true,"field":null,"code":"401","message":"Access Denied","loggedIn":false}



    "@class": ".ErrorModel",

    "failed": true,

    "field": null,

    "code": "401",

    "message": "Access Denied",

    "loggedIn": false


This usually occurs when there is an issue with your API signature or its placement in the header. See our document API Security - Generating your Signature. 
If you do not know your API Key and Secret, contact 
400 Bad Request
"message": "Invalid ids parameter - only numbers and commas allowed; actual value passed=itemIds"
This occurs when one of the changeable parameters has not be completed or has been completed incorrectly. In this case, "itemIds" should have been a numerical value reflecting the ID ref of a specific item. 
422 Unprocessable Entry:
{ error : ["<field_name>"] }
Ensure the correct substitution/query string parameter or substitution format is being used within the API URL.
Unknown Host ErrorRelated to issues with url itself - it is basically saying that the URL you went to does not exist e.g. a typo in the URL or a substitution that is not possible, for example