It is possible to show the number of bids that have been placed on all items and therefore display the Bid History for those items by switching on the Show Number of Bids option within the Auctioneer settings. Click here to see how to access your auctioneer settings

Once you are editing your auction, go to the Main Settings tab and scroll down to the Bidding section. Here you will find a tickbox labelled 'Show Number of Bids':

Untick this to hide the number of bids on an item, therefore hiding the bid history. Tick this to show the number of bids and the bid history. If you would like to display the number of bids but hide the Bid History, this will need to be configured within the code of BidJS. Click here for more information on disabling bid history

Once enabled and with Bid History enabled within your configuration, users will be able to click on the number of bids placed on an item to be able to see any previous bids placed on an item, as follows: 

As shown in the screenshot above, users will be able to easily identify their own bids and see the rough location of other bidders along with their bid amounts.