Please Note: You cannot generate an invoice for a Timed auction unless some items within the auction have been sold and reconciled.
An Auction can be reconciled at any point, once at least one item has ended. You do not have to wait until the auction has ended to reconcile.

To Generate Invoices

  • Go to Auction & Items > View Auctions
  • Click on Invoices in the Auction column for your auction

  • Click Generate Invoices

  • Click Add Notes to add notes to the invoice. 
  • Click the appropriate Use Different button to edit tax & payment information or edit the date of issue for the invoice
  • When ready, Select the blue Generate Invoices button - see image below:

  • You will then see a list of invoice items with the following fields:
    Invoice Ref. (number),Company/Debtor Name, Items, Collected, Total, Paid Total, Outstanding Balance,Sent, Viewed, Paid, Status andOnline Payment

Please Note: If you have set the system to create separate invoices for separate vendors, a user may receive multiple invoices from the same auction if the items have a different vendor.