Auctions can have different statuses. This document explains them all. 

  • Draft
  • Preview
  • Live
  • Reconciliation
  • Archive


An auction in Draft status can be saved at anytime without all required information being completed. An auction in this state will not show publicly.


An auction in Preview status is ready to be put Live but is not yet showing publicly, even if some of its items have been put Live. 


An auction in Live status will show publicly if it contains Live items. The available actions for this auction are as follows: 


An auction in Reconciliation status means that all items are closed and invoicing is now possible / in progress. You can no longer edit bids or items. You can now create invoices and mark items as paid/collected. The auction is now publicly visible from the Past Auction section on the front end auction web page. The available actions for this auction are as follows:

Please Note

If any items have been suspended, they will need to be Withdrawn before the auction can be fully reconciled.

Please Note

Reconciling an auction is Not Reversible, so be sure to make any required changes before going ahead. 


An auction in Archive status has all invoicing completed. The auction is visible publicly from the Past Auction menu. The available actions for this auction are as follows: 

Use Modify Filter to show auction by status, as demonstrated below: