Release Notes - 15th June 2020 - BidJS

This release will be available as of 15th June 2020. Please note that most of the changes listed in this email apply only to BidJS V3 and above. We highly recommend using the most up to date version of BidJS and employing our major versioning system to ensure you are taking advantage of our latest features and fixes. 

This month we have been mainly focused on squashing some pesky bugs and buffing out a few snags. Find out more below!

Squashed Bugs 

Here's a quick rundown of the bugs we've chased away in this release: 

  • Translated content will now appear as expected for webcasts on BidJS V3 and above 
  • Users who were viewing a webcast pre-bidding page as it went live were required to refresh the page in order to see the live auction - this is no longer required!
  • Clearing the Opening Bid field for items now resolves to '0' rather than leaving it blank, which was causing issues for some users
  • Some accents were previously not displaying as expected in BidJS - this is now fixed for BidJS V3 and above
  • Our Marketing Data export previously timed out before it was able to complete - this is now fixed too
  • Finally, users reported that HTML tags were being removed from item title/description uploads. We have now resolved this, meaning that certain tags are retained during upload/download, which should enable you to make use of text formatting such as carriage returns in the Summary field, for example. 

New Features

A few users have let us know that they would like to keep better track of who might be visiting their live auctions so that they can keep track of the audience size at any given time. We have now added a watcher count into the webcast console for those using BidJS V3 Modular Webcasts. 

Lastly, we've added a new currency to our ranks so that Chinese RMB is now available across the system. 

Current Versions - Important Update!
Please note that as part of the last release we consolidated the BidJS and Modules versions. See our previous release notes for more information.  

Current BidJS & Modules Major Version: 3  (no change since last release) 
Current BidJS & Modules Minor Version: 3.0  (no change since last release) 
Supported BidJS Minor Versions: 3.0, 2.3, 2.2  (no change since last release) 
Supported BidJS Modules Minor Versions: 3.0, 1.7, 1.6  (no change since last release) 

That's all for this release! We certainly feel a little better with a few less bugs hanging around and we hope you will feel the benefits. As usual, if you have any queries please feel free to get in touch with us on

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P.S. You can always find our current and previous release notes by clicking here.

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