Release Notes - 11th May 2020 - BidJS

The new features and fixes mentioned below are currently scheduled to be available from 11th May 2020.

What's new

We hope this finds you all keeping safe.

What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been! Whilst transitioning to fully remote working we've also been busy implementing a significant technical upgrade to BidJS, which we're very excited about.

Specifically, in our upcoming release, we have moved our webcast auctions over to using websockets. This is quite a milestone, one we're very proud of, which brings with it significant benefits for auctioneers and bidders, as follows:

  • Scalability - our webcast auctions can now handle 50x the number of registrants for any given sale
  • Connectivity - if a bidder loses connection they will be notified as soon as it happens so they can get back to bidding quicker
  • Improved security - further data abstraction means greater data protection
  • As well as many, many bugs squashed!

We've also found the time to give our UI some love. So in this release we've also been able to...

  • Modularise and re-vamp the homepage - it is now far cleaner looking, with a modern carousel so your bidders can scroll through images easily and quickly. Also, because it's much lighter in data size terms, it will load much faster on all devices!
  • Introduce a new feature we're calling 'video-centric' webcast. This is a BidJS configuration option that will allow you to make your video feed take full focus in webcast auctions rather than the item images, with any lot images displayed as thumbnails in the corner of the video feed.
  • Improve the log in and log out experience - users should now always return back to the page they were on when logging in and logging out!

Lastly we have continued our quest to make all of BidJS modularised, which of course simplifies and adds flexibility to how you embed BidJS on your site. This release sees the forgotten password pages get the modularisation treatment.

Current Versions - Important Update!
As part of this release we have consolidated the BidJS and Modules versions, which means that going forward you will need to use the same version number for both. For this release, the Major version for both BidJS and modules is 3. This will increment in sync from this version onwards. 

Current BidJS & Modules Major Version: 3
Current BidJS & Modules Minor Version: 3.0
Supported BidJS Minor Versions: 3.0, 2.3, 2.2
Supported BidJS Modules Minor Versions: 3.0, 1.7, 1.6


That's all for now although we're sure you'll agree that's quite a lot! Until next time, here are just a couple of notes you may find useful:

  • We will soon be moving our timed auctions to using websockets so stay tuned for news on this in upcoming releases!
  • Want to check on the service status of BidJS? Just visit any time for the very latest updates. Subscribe to our status page to get up to the minute notifications.

P.S. You can always find our current and previous release notes by clicking here

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