Release Notes - 17th February 2020 - BidJS

February is upon us like a cheesy slogan on a Valentine's card and we're emailing to bring you the latest in our upcoming BidJS release. As usual, if you have any feedback for us or queries regarding the new or any existing features, please get in touch on

Please note that this release is scheduled to be available from 17/02/20.

BidJS New Features 

Firstly, we are introducing the ability for you to determine the scroll-to position on any page that contains BidJS. We know that this will be a welcome feature for many of you so please let us know if you need any assistance getting this set up. Click here to read more about how to get going with this new feature. 

Next up, we have introduced the ability for admins to create a marketing mailshot. This works by collecting the categories featured in an auction along with the email addresses for any users that have subscribed to receive mail about those categories and creates a downloadable CSV file - all in a single click! You can read more about it by clicking here

We have changed the way that Login appears for BidJS in the latest Modules version. This means that instead of seeing a pop-up users will see a dedicated page for login, which allows for greater customisation of appearance as well as a better mobile experience for users. Please be aware that the will be implemented by default and may require some significant consideration for those clients with less stringent styling. Please take this into account when updating to Modules v1.7. 

Along with the above improvement, we have simplified the way you can display logged in status and navigation items on non-BidJS pages. Instead of having to install and hide the entire BidJS software you can now much reduce the code needed by making use of the new defaultModule option in the configuration. Click here to read on

We have made it so that the user can specify the time scale of auction results shown in My Sales so that users are no longer limited to seeing just the previous 30 days worth of auctions. 

Lastly, we have increased the flexibility of the styling for certain webcast pages (most significantly around identifying particular page elements so that they can be styled uniquely). If you would like specific details of these changes, please get in touch on

Please note that in order to take advantage of these updates you will need to ensure you are using the most up to date versions of BidJS and its Modules as of 17th February i.e. 2.3 and 1.7 respectively. If you require some assistance with getting your software up to date we have upgrade documentation available here or get in touch via You can find out about which versions support which features by clicking here

BidJS Bugs 

Some users were finding that navigating to My Bids caused the page not to load properly. We have now resolved this so your users will be able to access their My Bids page with no problems. 

Finally, we have updated the Webcast view so that the opening bid is accurately displayed for upcoming lots, whereas previously it would show the opening increment. 

That's all, Folks!

That's everything for this release. Thanks for reading and as usual if you have any queries for us regarding either new or existing functionality then please do get in touch. Until next time!

Supported BidJS and Modules Versions

Current Software Versions

Current BidJS Major Version: 2

Current BidJS Minor Version: 2.3

Current BidJS Modules Major Version: 1

Current BidJS Modules Minor Version: 1.7

Supported Software Versions

Supported BidJS Versions: 2.3, 2.2, 2.1.

Supported BidJS Modules Versions:  1.7, 1.6,1.5.

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This post is helpful and look forward to the updates.

Would it be possible to keep record on its own page the "Currently Supported BidJS and Modules Versions" section. As it shows both the BidJS and Module numbers and I do not find another page, where you can check the current Modules version number and history (there is a short table for main BidJS versions)

Hi Tristan, 

Thank you for your suggestion. It's certainly something we will consider and in the meantime, you can find BidJS version information here and Modules version information here, along with notes about what's changed for each version. We used to have them together in a single document, but a few users reported that this was a bit confusing and made for a long document. We are always looking for ways to improve our documentation so we will consider reorganising these notes, but I hope the above links help in the meantime. 

Thanks again! 

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