You can change who received which notifications within the Auctioneer settings. Click here to see how to access your Auctioneer settings

Once you are editing the Auctioneer, go to the Notifications tab. From here, enter (or remove) the username of the admin who should received which notifications. If you wish to enter more than one user, it must be separated by a comma only, with no space between usernames: 

Purchase notifications include notifying admins of any Make Offer offers or Buy Now purchases. Contact Seller notifications are received when a user clicks on the envelope for an item, if it has been enabled during item creation. Pending Registrants notifications will alert admins when a user has registered for an auction and is pending approval.

Once any changes have been made as required, click the green Save Auctioneer button.

Please note that if the user chosen to receive notifications is not an admin, you will see an error. Contact for more information.