Auto increments can be used for both timed and webcast auctions. They must be entered into the system using a specific format - please find an increment builder attached to the bottom of this article. Increments must be entered in their smallest denomination (e.g. pence for GBP, cents for USD, etc.) so the increment builder will format this for you accordingly. Here is an example of an auto increment table with its explanation: 

Auto Increment in Bidlogix (in pence)

Bid increment explanation

1000<20000up to 200, increment is 10
2000<50000from 200 -500, increment is is 20
5000<100000from 500 -1000 increment is 50
10000<200000from 1000 - 2000, increment is 100
20000<500000from 2000-5000 , increment is 200
50000<1000000from 5000-10000, increment is 500
100000from 10000 onwards increment is 1,000

Firstly, create the increment table by filling in the 'from', 'to' and 'increment' columns. Then select and copy the contents of the column named 'Bidlogix Auto-Increments'. 

Now you will need to edit your Auctioneer settings. Click here to see how you access your auctioneer settings

Once you are editing your auctioneer, go to the Main Settings tab and scroll down to the Bidding section. Here you will find a field named Auto Increments. Paste your pre-formatted increments into this box:

Please note that the last increment in the list must just be a number rather than a number up to a certain amount. If your table has been auto-generated as closing with a number up to a certain amount (e.g. 10000<1000000) then please just remove the < sign and anything after it. This will set the uppermost increment for your sales. 

If you require these auto increments for timed auctions, tick the box underneath the Auto Increments field. 

Once you have completed these two fields as required, click Save Auctioneer at the top of the screen. (Please note that you may need to enable auto-increments within the webcast console for these to take effect).