Asking Price Box

  • Click within the Asking Price: text box, enter the asking price and hit return.

Bids Column

  • Click once on any amount visible in the Bids column, found in the far left of the Webcast Console. 

Please Note

Double clicking the same figure will place a bid for that amount. 

  • Once clicked, the asking price will be instantly changed to this amount in both the Webcast Console and the public site in real time. 

Please Note

If an item has already received bids to a certain amount (e.g. £140) and the asking price is subsequently lowered (e.g. to £100) the bids that were of a greater amount than the edited asking price will be instantly cancelled. The cancelled bids, however, can be reinstated very easily by clicking on the Reinstate button next to each bid. (see image below)