It is possible to stagger the end times of a Timed auction by a set amount of minutes and number of lots. 

How to Apply When Creating an Auction

This can be simply applied when initially creating the auction: - 

  • Go to Create New Timed Auction 
  • Click on the Dates tab - tick Stagger End Times box
  • Set by the number of minutes for every 'X' number of lots you wish to stagger the end times by.

Please Note

  • This functionality will only automatically update items that have not yet been Converted from Ghost State.
  • The Stagger End Times function will not be automatically applied to pre-Approved, existing items by simply going to an already created auction > selecting Edit Auction and ticking the Stagger End Times box in the Dates tab, as above.

Retrospectively applying the Stagger End Times functionality

You can edit items to be staggered once an auction is formally saved (and Items have been Converted) 

  • View your auction
  • Click on the auction title
  • Click Edit Auction and go to the Dates tab

  • Click the Stagger End Times box and select your preferences (as above)
  • Click Save Auction (at the top left of the page)
  • You will now be taken back to the Auctions list - Click the relevant auction title again and then select the Items button (top right of screen)
  • Select the first Item in the Auction and click Draft

    Please Note

    The item will now be in Draft status and therefore not shown publicly

  • Make sure the item you wish to be edit remains ticked and click on the Bulk Edit button
  • Do not edit anything > Select Save And Finish > Save

  • The items should now be updated with the new setting and be in Preview Status
  • The edited item will need Approving before returning to Live Status and be publicly visible

Please Note

Having staggered end times means you cannot change the end time or individual items. Staggered end times overrides the ability to change individual items' end times.