As of April 2018, we have developed a new Bid Table. This document outlines how to activate it and its functionality:

  • Switching Between the Old and New Bid Table
  • General Navigation
  • Changes to Colour Coding
  • Viewing Bid Information 
  • Accept & Reject Offers
  • Searching, Filtering & Columns
  • Available Columns

Switching Between the Old and New Bid Table

We encourage all of our clients to try out the new bid table! But we do understand that sometimes you may wish to see a screen you are more familiar with. 

To try out the new bid table, click on the big green button when viewing the original bid table: 

To get back to the old version, click the black button in the left hand menu bar: 

Please Note: The new bid table will persist for this browser on this machine i.e. if a different user logs in on the same computer and browser, then it will show the new bid table, even if they have not personally selected it before. 

General Navigation

Below is a series of images demonstrating the general navigation of the bid table. First of all, here is the first view you will encounter on the bid table page: 

Secondly, scroll to the right to see more information about the lot and be able to change the bid increment and reserve directly from the bid table. 

Please Note

Editing the Increment is only possible for timed auctions with no auto-increment table in place, as when using the traditional bid table. 

Changes to Colour Coding

One of the biggest changes between the older bid table and the new version is that we have changed our colour coding slightly. Previously, when an item or auction was LIVE its status would be in Green, but it is now shown in Blue as per the screenshots in this document. 

Viewing Bid Information 

Click anywhere on an item's line to bring up the Bid Information pop-up. 

From this screen you can: 

  • Skip to the item list by click on the Title of the lot
  • Suspend the item by clicking Suspend (and re-set to live once suspended) 
  • View offers, amounts and bidders
  • Accept and Reject offers 
  • View bids amounts and bidders 
  • Skip to bidder information by clicking on the bidder username. 

See the image below for actions you can take: 

Accept & Reject Offers

To Accept or Reject offers, click anywhere on the Lot's row to open the bid information pop-up. Click the Reject or Accept button for the pertinent offer. A further pop-up with ask for confirmation. Click the Accept/Reject button again to confirm. 

Searching, Filtering & Columns

You can change the layout of the bid table by adding/removing columns. Click the Show Filters button to show the currently selected filters/columns. Click the Blue Cross to remove that filter and therefore that column. Click the Grey Dropdown arrow to available columns and click them to add them back to the bid table. To search for any data set within the bid table simply type into the Search box and see your results return in real time.

See the annotated image below for assistance: 

Please Note

Currently the bid table view defaults to show all columns. Any changes made to filters will only remain while you stay on that page. When you leave and come back to the page you will need to reset the filters.

The beta bid table does not currently support:

  • Item Type 'Multi-item'
  • Purchase Option 'Tender'
  • Webcast Groups

Available Columns

Here is a list of the available filters/columns that can be selected/deselected: 

  • Status - shows the selling status of the item. This displays whether the item is: , ,   , , , etc. 
  • Time Left - shows the amount of time left before the item finishes
  • Title - shows the lot title 
  • Bidder - shows the current highest bidder 
  • PN - shows the paddle number of the highest bidder 
  • Curr Bid - shows the current highest bid 
  • Auto Bid - shows the highest autobid on this item 
  • Purchases - shows purchase amount for purchase items i.e. buy now or accepted make offer amounts. 
  • Bids - shows the number of bids placed on this lot 
  • Auto Bids - shows number of active autobids on this lot
  • Offers - shows number of offers made on this lot 
  • Start Bid - shows starting bid for this lot 
  • Increment - shows the current bid increment for this lot. This can be changed by entering the new bid increment and pressing the tick to confirm (or cross to cancel changes). 
  • Reserve - shows the current reserve for this lot. This can be changed by entering the new reserve amount and pressing the tick to confirm (or cross to cancel changes). 
  • Ref # - shows the reference number for this lot.