A collection note may be used as proof that a customer has paid for their item(s) and is therefore ready to collect their item(s).

A collection note provides details about the items that were purchased, the auction in which the items appeared and provides the reference for the invoice that has been paid. It does not provide information as to the amounts paid for the items, bank details or for the invoice as a whole.

The following is covered in this document: 

To Send a Single Collection Note

Please Note: A collection note can only be sent once an invoice is fully paid. The "Send Collection Note" button will not be visible in the Actions column until this is the case. 

  • Find your Invoice(s)
  • Click the Send Collection Note button in the Actions column of this invoice

  • Click Confirm on the pop-up

  • You collection note has been sent. See below to view an example Collection Note. 

To Send Multiple Collection Notes

  • Find your Invoice(s)
  • Tick the boxes next to the Fully Paid invoice you wish to send collection notes for 
  • Click the blue Send Collection Note button at the top of the list of invoices: 

  • You will be asked to confirm sending these notes: 

  • You collection notes have been sent. See below to view an example Collection Note. 

Please Note: Even if unpaid invoices are ticked, they will not receive a collection note. Only fully paid invoices will receive a collection note. 

Making Changes to An Invoice After Collection Note has been Sent

If you make changes to an invoice after sending the collection note, a new version of the invoice will be created (see How to Edit Line Item Amounts on an Invoice for more information). 

You will be able to see that a previous version(s) of the invoice were sent to the user. A preview of this information is available in the Invoice list: 

A detailed version of this information is available by clicking the blue History button. 

The above example shows that Version 1 and 3 of the invoice have not been sent, and Version 2 was sent. Because there have been changes to the invoice, it will need to be resent, any difference paid, and a new collection note sent to the buyer. 

Example Collection Note

Below is an example of a collection note: