Here is how to approve a bidder who has registered for your auction: 

Viewing Bidders from the Dashboard

  • Log into the administration area
  • Once logged in you will initially come to a Dashboard page
  • You will see a table of Actions Required  
    Note: This table will only appear if there are outstanding actions that need to be completed
  • The first column in this table displays Pending Bidders for the auction title it's listed next to
  • Click on the number (in Pending Bidders column) to take you through to the Registrants page - showing full details of the pending registrants for that auction

Viewing Bidders with the Registrants Button

  • In the administration area click Auctions & ItemsView Auctions > Click on the auction title > Click Registrants button in the top right of page

Please Note

When in the Registrants page, if you cannot see any Pending registrants click Modify Filter and ensure the 'Pending' box is ticked under 'status'

  • To Approve an individual user, use the buttons in the Actions column on the right hand side - Click Approve
  • An audit box will appear where you need to check box to populate template script, or manually write the reason you are approving the registrant
  • To approve multiple registrants tick the check boxes on the left of each registrant to select the ones you want (the very top check box selects all users)
  • Click the grey Approve Selected Users button in the top left of the page
  • An audit box will appear where you need to check box or write the reason you are approving the registrant(s)