• Log into the administration area
  • Find the auction you are wanting to add items for 
  • Click on the auction title
  • Click on the Items button in the top right of the menu 
  • Select the Bulk Upload Images button in the top left

  • Drag and drop or browse to find your images.

Please Note: Note that images must be numbered in relation to the items i.e.

  • 1.jpg = image for lot 1
  • 1-2.png = lot 1 image 2
  • 2-3.tif = lot 2 image 3.  

  • Finally select the Upload button. 

Please Note: Any items without images uploaded will show a camera icon with a red line through it as notification. This will be shown in the 'Title' column of the Items screen

Resizing Images

The browser is capable of resizing images before uploading. To select this option tick Resize images before upload

Please Note: If images are very large (over 2048 pixels) try to resize them on another platform before uploading them here as this will slow down the process considerably.

You should avoid ticking the Resize images before upload option if possible as it only allows you to upload 100 items at a time.