Please note, this article assumes that you are using the Foolography hardware and accompanying software. 

When copying and pasting the column containing the barcode from the original export, it will have three visible zeros and an invisible apostrophe at the beginning:


When you paste these barcodes into the upload spreadsheet, be sure to always paste it as unformatted, as follows: 


This appears to remove the ' at the beginning of the number and allow it to be pasted in without the leading 000s. 

When pasting unformatted barcodes into the upload, the barcode appears and behaves as expected once in AssetFlow: 


Whereas the simple Paste or Ctrl+V option has the following result once uploaded: 


Of course if the barcodes are already in the system with the leading 000s, it can be fixed by using the following steps: 

1. Download the asset group
2. Open the download
3. Save it
 (Optional 4. Check that the barcode 000s have disappeared by opening the document in Notepad)
5. Re-upload the assets
6. Check that the barcode fields now appear as expected i.e. no leading 000s.