Asset Flow allows users to create bespoke approval process for each section of the Asset. 

Rules of Approval

Approvals are defined by a few aspects. 

  1. The Customer settings define whether Approvals are required for any assets under that Customer. 
  2. An Approval Structure is set up for each Customer that requires approvals. Each stage of the Approval can contain none, one or many sections of the asset i.e. Stage 1: Finance and Compliance must be approved, Stage 2: Sales Info must be approved, etc. Up to 6 stages are available. 
  3. Approvers are allocated to Sale sections for each pre-defined Location. Approvers can be given privileges to approve none, one or muliple sections of the asset i.e. For Location A, User A must approve the Finance section of all assets. Multiple users can be assigned to one section, and multiple locations can be assigned to one user. Note that the Customer must have Locations Predefined in order to allow approvals to be requested.
  4. Assets must be assigned to a particular Location for the approvals process to start. 
  5. If one user is assigned to location 'A' and has approval privileges they will be solely asked to approve sections of assets created/assigned to Location 'A'.
  6. If Multiple users are assigned to Location 'A' and have approval privileges then all of these users will be required to approve sections assets created/assigned to Location 'A'.
  7. If Users have the same approval privileges but are assigned to different locations they will only be asked to approve the assets created/assigned to their location.

Enabling Approvals

To enable approvals for any particular Company within the Asset Flow system the following must be set:

  1. Location for the particular Company must be set to be predefined, i.e. Locations for assets are inputted into the system and then selected during Asset Creation.
  2. Once predefined locations are set the Company's Sales Process must be configured by a SysAdmin to sort the stages of approval required for each section of the asset (see image below).

To do this you will need to contact

Once locations are set to be predefined and the Approval Stages are set, at least one Location must be entered by a Company Admin:

To do this select the Cog Icon > Company Settings > Locations > Add New Location. (see image below)

Next, in order for the asset section to be approvable at least one user must be assigned to a particular location by a Company Admin:

To do this select the Cog Icon  > Company Settings > Approval Privileges > Click on the '0 LOCATIONS' Link > Click ASSIGN LOCATIONS > Select the location to be assigned > Click SAVE (see images below).

Next turn on the Approval Toggle for the user to be enabled to approve that Asset Section for all Assets that are assigned to that specific Location and click SAVE (see image below).

Changing Approval Structures and Approvers

All changes to approval structures and approvers must be made Before the approvals for any asset are requested. 

Once an asset has been created and the initial request for approvals has been made, you cannot change the approval structure or approvers for that asset. Any changes you make to the approvals will apply to any new assets but not any existing ones.